Explorers Stars

Explorers are at the start of their journey through life and by our programme we hope to guide them as they grow in mind, body and spirit.

The Star award  is unique to this age group in Girls' Brigade. Each part of the star represents a part of the badgework programme. At the centre are the letters GB. These stand for Girls' Brigade but also for God's Book and we centre all our work on the Bible.

Explorers are often treasure seekers and treasure finders. Our GB Explorers can find personal treasure through the Explorer Programme. This is expressed by calling our star points by the names of jewels as detailed below:

EMERALD     Exploring - God's world and discovering its beauty.

SAPPHIRE    Self & Service - Learning about themselves and others.

TOPAZ          Talents & Tasks - using the gifts God has given

AMETHYST    Activity

RUBY            Riches - enjoying music, stories, poems etc

The initial letters spell 'ESTAR'


Explorers achieve a star award by completing at least 1 subject from each of the 5 points of the star plus the centre - this would be completed in 1 GB year. Just as the Wise Men followed the star to find Baby Jesus, so Explorers working for their star award can be helped to find Jesus as their Saviour.



The are 3 circles for Explorers to achieve, each distinguised by the colour at the centre -

BRONZE    1st year in Explorers

SILVER      2nd year in Explorers

GOLD         3rd year in Explorers