The Blank Page In Your Bible

400 years of history is a long time! From the time when the exiles return to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls of the city to the advent of Christ in the New Testament we have 400 years of Biblical silence. This series looks at what happened in those years and how they shape the time into which Jesus comes and how that impacts our faith today. Below you will find all the resources to take you through the Blank Page In Your Bible.


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Part 1 Alexander The Great

In part 1 we look at the significance of Alexander The Great and his influence in creating not just the Greek Empire, but the vision he had for society and how that spread across the world shaping the society in which Jesus lived and ministered.



Alexander The Great Handout


Part 2 - The Rule of the Ptolemies

In part 2 we look at the rule of the Ptolemy family and how society was shaped by Ptolemy ll Philadelphus for 500 years. His development of social life lay the foundation for life at the time of Jesus and the spread of the gospel in the early church.



The Rule of the Ptolemies Handout



Part 3 -The Bible Through Daniel's Eyes




The Bible Through Daniel's Eyes Handout




Part 4 - The Hasmoneans



The Hasmoneans Handout



Part 5- Herod The Great





Part 6 - The Religious Groups



The Religious Groups Handout